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Smeg SFU4104VCS Linea Series 24" Mystic Gray Glass Electric Single Wall Steam Oven

Smeg SFU4104VCS Linea Series 24" Mystic Gray Glass Electric Single Wall Steam Oven

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Linea Series 24 Inch 1.77 cu. ft. Total Capacity Electric Single Wall Steam Oven with 1 Oven Rack, Convection, Steam Clean, Halogen Lighting, Ever-Clean Cavity, European Convection, Convection Broil in Mystic Gray Glass.


Bake: Ideal for slow baked cakes and casseroles. This traditional static heat will ensure food remains moist when cooked for longer periods of time.

Convection Bake: The elements combined with the fan aim to provide more uniform heat, a similar method to conventional cooking, so pre-heat is required. Most suitable for items requiring slow cooking methods.

European Convection: Hot air fan cooking that provides quick, multi layered cooking with excellent browning results. Due to the effective circulation of hot air, there is no flavour transfer between foods. Delicate and strongly fragranced foods can be cooked at the same time.

Turbo: Facilitates the cooking of large joints, due to heat coming from all three elements. Similar to rotisserie cooking the meat is sealed, and juices are held within the joint of meat. The results are both tender and juicy.

Broil + European Convection: Broil + European Convection

Broiler: For rapid cooking and browning of foods. Best results can be obtained by using the top shelf for small items, the lower shelves for larger ones, such as chops or sausages. For half grill heat is generated only at the centre of the element, so is ideal for smaller quantities.

Convection Broil: The fan reduces the fierce heat from the broiler, providing an excellent method of grilling various foods, chops, steaks, sausages etc. giving even browning and heat distribution, without drying out the food. The top two levels recommended for use, and the lower part of the oven can be used to keep items warm at the same time, an excellent facility when cooking a grilled breakfast.

Upper + lower elements + fan + steamUpper + lower elements + fan + steam

Circulaire Element with Steam: The combination of Circulaire element with steam allows food to be effectively cooked in the most natural way, leaving all the foods properties, flavour and aroma intact.

Defrost: The circulation of air at room temperature enables quicker thawing of frozen food, (without the use of any heat). Ideal for use prior to cooking of readymade dishes, or cream filled products etc.

ECO: The combination of the broiler, fan and lower element is particularly suitable for cooking small quantities of food.

Lower Heating Element Only: Ideal for foods that require extra base temperature without browning, e.g. pastry dishes, pizza. Also suitable for slow cooking of stews and casseroles. For Gas oven: Bake: traditional convection cooking.

Convection: This combination completes cooking more quickly of foods that are ready on the surface, but require more cooking inside, without further browning. For Gas Oven: Convection with lower elements: The fan is added to the gas burner to distribute the heat quickly and evenly throughout the oven cavity, avoiding flavour transfer when cooking a number of different dishes at the same time.

Reheat: This function can reheat precooked dishes, without becoming dry or hard.

Defrost at Weight: Defrost at weight

Defrost at Time: Defrost at time

Bread Proving: Air at 104°F provides the perfect environment for proving yeast type dough mixes. Simply select the function and place dough in the oven for allotted time.

Descaling Function: is essential to remove excess deposits of limestone in the tank and allow the proper operation of the steam oven. The need to perform this operation is signaled by the oven itself.

Manual Steam Function: Manual function. Adjustable cooking temperature and duration depending on user’s wish.

Vapor Clean: a simple cleaning function using steam to loosen deposits in the oven cavity.

  • Rack with back stop:1
  • Insert grid:1
  • Enameled 1.6"-deep tray:1
  • Stainless steel tray (0.8" deep):1
  • Stainless steel mesh tray (1.6" deep):1
  • Telescopic Guide rails, total Extraction:1
  • Other:Sponge/ Boiler cover/ Carafe


  • Series: Linea
  • Width: 23.5625"
  • Depth: 18.0625"
  • Height: 22.5"
  • Capacity: 1.77 cu. ft.
  • Convection: Yes
  • Steam Oven: Yes
  • Control Type: Touch Pad
  • Steam-Clean: Yes
  • Halogen Lighting
  • Ever-Clean Cavity
  • European Convection
  • Convection Broil


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